Posted by: gregboyko | April 13, 2008

Josh loses his first tooth!

Today, at age 5 1/2, josh lost his first tooth. It was the lower left incisor. It first appeared just a little over 4 years ago, when he was about 1 1/2. Now, 4 years later, the tooth is gone, and the permanent tooth is poking through. 🙂

Josh is very excited and is quite proud. Yet another milestone in the life of a child.
Full-Resolution Album Link



  1. Praise the Lord, I check the Boyko page just now and saw the exciting news Joshus, now I need a picture or is there one on the Boyko page. Now I am more anxious to see all of you what our summer plans? Our coming to see you dad Gretchen this summer if so when? 95 here today so we stay indoors. Love Grandpa

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