Posted by: gregboyko | November 19, 2007

Added my Zune Card

One of the coolest features of the Zune 2.0 release is the new online community the Zune team has created. Much like Microsoft did with XBox Live and GamerCards, they have now also done with the Zune community. One key feature of this online community is the ZuneCard. ZuneCards provide profile information about Zune users (assuming they opt in), providing information such as recently played tracks, favorite tracks, etc. This information is automatically updated whenever you play music through the Zune software or through the Zune device.

While the Zune social community and the features that enable it are still in beta and (I believe) just in their infancy, it’s still some pretty cool stuff. Integration with social networking and blogging sites is still basically MIA (the above is basically hacked HTML), but it has been promised and Zune profile information that is integrated with FaceBook/MySpace, etc. will be very popular and powerful. I look forward to seeing what the Zune team does with ‘The Social’.


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