Posted by: gregboyko | November 12, 2007

Windows Live Calendar

Microsoft released a beta of their new Windows Live Calendar service a few days ago. I’m trying it out, and it actually looks very nice. You can share your calendar with others, and it’s a great way for everyone in a family or circle of friends to keep up to date with important days/appointments/events.

We set up a calendar for Josh’s school-related stuff, my stuff, Gretchen’s stuff, and a common family calendar that contains things important to everyone. All appointments/events from the individual calendars can be overlaid on a single calendar, with each getting a unique color. This makes it easy to see when things are going on and when there could potentially be conflicts.

The service is still beta, but it’s very usable and looks very good. I can see this service meaning the end of our traditional paper family calendar tacked to the fridge. 🙂


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