Posted by: gregboyko | July 7, 2007

Windows Live Writer

I just downloaded the relatively recently-released Windows Live Writer beta from If you haven’t yet heard about this piece of software, it is basically a blog editor/poster that works with many of the major blogging engines on the net. It provides a rich word processor-like UI and WYSIWYG editing for blog posts.

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer. It’s certainly too soon to tell much of anything about this software, but I will say it looks promising. Installation was easy. Part of the setup asks which blogging service you use. For Windows Live Spaces users (like me), it couldn’t have been easier. I just had to enter the home URL of my space, along with my email address (Windows Live ID) and password. The rest of the install was pretty much automatic. I’m sure it works quite well with other blogging engines, too.

The UI is simple and intuitive. I especially like the Save Draft feature, which lets you save a draft of your post to your local hard drive. There have been times in the past when I’ve had posts pretty much finished, but when I went to publish them through the normal online Spaces mechanism, IE would crash or hang or something else bad would happen and I’d lose the post. This will completely prevent that.

I also love the integrated spell checker. It’s just like the one in Word, with check-as-you-type spell checking, including the little red squiggly underline for misspelled words. Note that for those who don’t like this feature (I’m sure there are a few people out there), this is optional and can be turned off.

If you have a blog, it’s probably worth your time to download and give Windows Live Writer a try.



  1. where can we find these drafts after saving them ??? ( not published yet)plz respond to my email. thnx

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