Posted by: gregboyko | June 30, 2007

Mount Rushmore

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Mount Rushmore. It was well-worth the time and expense (and with the cost of gas these days, it wasn’t real cheap). We did the trip in 3 days, leaving Friday at roughly 1:30pm and returning Sunday at about 10:00pm. It’s nearly a 600 mile drive (one-way) for us, which meant two days of driving, and one day to spend in the Black Hills. Next time we go (and I’m sure we’ll go again when the kids are older), we’ll spend more time. I don’t think we’d have any trouble spending 3-4 days just around the Rapid City and Black Hills area.
While the trip went well, it was not without its difficulties. Traveling with young children can be trying, but we have several modern conveniences that help in this area. Portable DVD players, Nintendo DS Lites, etc., definitely make the car time easier for the kids.
The time at the Rushmore monument was certainly the highlight. We spent the entire evening there, from about 6:30 or 7:00 until around 9:45 or so. They have a nice gift shop, a restuarant, an ice-cream shop, a small museum, etc. The have a lighting ceremony that begins at 9:00, and they turn the lights on at about 9:35 or so. It’s a very nice, patriotic experience (and it would have been even better if our kids were older and able to sit still, quietly, through a ceremony like that).
The weather was near-perfect. To be honest, it was too hot for most of the day (with a high of roughly 95!), but once it started cooling down (around 7:00pm or so, shortly after we got to the monument), it was great. The late-evening weather was definitely perfect, with mostly clear skies, temperatures around 80 at sunset, and a light breeze.
I highly recommend the experience.
You can see a few photos from our trip here.

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