Posted by: gregboyko | February 24, 2007

Color Profiles in Windows Vista and Windows Photo Gallery

Shortly after installing Windows Vista, Gretchen and I noticed that our digital photos looked terrible when viewing them in Windows Photo Gallery (the default photo management software that ships with Vista). The photos looked fine when opened in any other program, but when viewed in WPG, they were very dark and had an ugly yellow tint to them. See the photo attached to this post for an example of what we were seeing.
I found the solution to the problem on the Windows Community Forum newsgroups, in this post. Turns out the color profile I had installed for my Samsung SyncMaster 205bw monitor was incorrect. I changed to a different color profile (sRGB virtual device model profile, wsRGB.cdmp) and everything now looks fine.
I suspect that Samsung provided a bad color profile to Microsoft (since I’m pretty sure I downloaded this color profile directly from Windows Update). A few other people have already run into this same problem. I’m not sure if this is specific to Samsung monitors, or if perhaps it’s even specific to this particular model (the 205bw), but in any case, the problem is now solved.


  1. Thanks for this (kinda old..) post..I had the exact same problem with 205bw — it appears on any program that makes use of color profiles, in my case Adobe Lightroom. Changing profile to a sRGB one helps, but it is better to get your monitor properly calibrated :)

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