Posted by: gregboyko | November 7, 2006

Microsoft Zune

In one week, Microsoft will release the Zune digital media ecosystem. For those of you who have no idea what Zune is, it is comparable to Apple’s iPod. Zune is a digital media player, a music store, and indeed an entire platform, fully closed, and fully incompatible with other media ecosystems (just like iPod).
The Zune looks like it will be a very nice device, and it looks like it will provide a very nice end-to-end experience. I’ll probably end up buying one for my family in the very near future. I would also recommend that anyone else considering a digital music player also take a good look a the Zune. The iPod dominates this market segment, but the Zune will definitely be competitive, and in several ways will be superior to any of today’s current iPods.
The only problem is that Zune is yet another music ecosystem. This is only a problem if you choose to purchase DRM’d music (which I do not recommend) from the Zune Marketplace, or for you iPod owners, the iTunes store. Simply make sure you buy non-DRM’d music (such as CDs) and you’ll be fine.

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