Posted by: gregboyko | July 26, 2006

Now here’s a bad idea: Monopoly with a debit card…

Parker Brothers is selling a new version of Monopoly that uses a fake Visa debit card rather than the Monopoly money we have all used for decades. Can you even imagine swiping a plastic card when you land on Boardwalk and your opponent says "pay up?"
I grew up playing Monopoly, and I’ll still play the occasional game during family gatherings. There are so many things that are just wrong about this. The fact that they’re changing a classic game is only a small part of it. How many kids sharpened their arithmetic skills playing Monopoly? Now entering the cost of the transaction combined with a simple swipe of the card does all the addition/subtraction required. Not that I believe for one second that this would be faster than doing the math in my head and passing cash around… Score one for the dumbing down of America (or Europe in this case).
Hopefully this version of the game fails to sell and gets discontinued. Although that won’t stop Parker Brothers from creating the next specialized gimmicky version of the game. Does anyone ever actually play Lord of the Rings Monopoly? My guess these games are just collector’s items that sit on a shelf forever.

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