Posted by: gregboyko | December 4, 2005

Car Accident – Thank God we’re all OK

We rolled our pickup yesterday (December 3) on the way home from
church. We were headed westbound on I-94, and had just passed the 8th
St. onramp in Moorhead when the back end of the pickup started to slide
out from under us towards the fast lane. We slid into a white SUV, and
after the impact I lost control. I 180’d and we slid into the ditch on
the right side of the road. We slid to the bottom of the ditch where
the driver’s side front wheel caught and then we rolled, first to the
driver’s side, then the roof, and finally to the passenger’s side,
where we came to a rest.

It was a very scary experience for all of us, but we must have had
angels holding onto us (in addition to the seat belts and car seats),
because we climbed out and walked away without a bruise or a scratch.

The other vehicle 360’d on the freeway (according to its driver), but
didn’t hit anything else and had only minor damage on the passenger
side where we slid into them.

For a rollover, there wasn’t all that much damage to the vehicle, but
it’s still likely totaled. The towtruck driver said anytime the roof
caves in it’s not worth fixing it. There are pictures of the damage

There is no doubt in my mind that we had God’s protection through the
entire experience. It’s very inconvenient to lose the pickup, but for
an accident like this I don’t think we could have asked for a better



  1. Wow!I glad you guys are okay! Must be pretty scarry!

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