Posted by: gregboyko | October 6, 2005

Home again, and loving it!

We’re home from the hospital, and life is starting to return to normal (although "normal" now has a completely different definition than it did 3 days ago). Gretchen, Zita (Gretchen’s mom), Joshua, Alyssa, and I left the hospital for the comforts of our own home at about 1:45 this afternoon. (We would have left earlier, but I had to give a 12:00 presentation for a class I’m taking at NDSU).
While I appreciate the care given us in the hospital, I won’t miss it for even a second. Hospitals are not restful environments; there seemed to be some sort of interruption every hour or so (and sometimes it was worse). The "bed" that I slept on for two nights was a chair that folded out into a short, narrow sleeping surface. It was quite possibly the most uncomfortable place I’ve ever slept. I will enjoy my own bed tonight!
Alyssa has been great here at home so far, sleeping most of the time in the arms of mommy or daddy or a grandma or uncle. Gretchen and I are both very comfortable taking care of her and know what to expect for the most part (thanks to our experience with Josh).
The most interesting experience so far was letting Toby (our dog) meet Alyssa for the first time. Toby’s first indication that something was different when we got home was a new scent. He had to smell everything, and especially Alyssa. Toby is still a pup, full grown, but not yet quite a year old, and I had to make sure I had good control of him when he approached the baby. He was very curious and when he heard Alyssa make some sounds the curiousity intensifed. It took about 20 minutes for him to return to a calm state and accept that there was a tiny new person in the house that he wasn’t allowed to play with or lick. He is still curious and we still need to watch him closely, but he is obeying when we tell him go away or lay down.
I am looking forward to being away from work (and home with my family) for the next 3-4 weeks. One of the many benefits of working for a great company like Microsoft is the 4 week paid parental leave given to all new parents. It’s really a blessing to be able to spend this time at home and to help out during the first few weeks after Alyssa’s birth.
Finally, thank you everyone who visited us in the hospital and to everyone who has sent congratulatory emails, cards, flowers, phone calls, and gifts. We really appreciate it.

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