Posted by: gregboyko | September 27, 2005

New Baby – Not Quite Yet…

Today is Gretchen’s due date. Nothing’s happening yet, so I wouldn’t be
surprised if we have to wait a bit longer to meet the newest Boyko
family member. It’s been a long nine months, and we’re anxiously
awaiting the arrival of baby #2.

We didn’t find out if this one was going to a boy or a girl, so we
don’t know if Josh is going to have a little brother or a little
sister. Josh insists that he’ll have a sister. We keep telling him that
we don’t know yet, and that a little brother would be nice, too. I’m
not sure he realizes just how soon he’s going to be a big brother.
We’ve been telling him for months that a baby is coming, but it hasn’t
happened yet, and as far as he’s concerned, it could just as well
happen next year rather than in the next few days.

I think we’re as prepared as we can be, and even though we’ve been through this before, it still feels like we should be doing something to get ready for this. I guess we’ll find out if we’ve forgotten anything soon enough.

I’ll try to announce the vitals here shortly after the big event. Stay tuned….


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